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SBA 8a Certification consultants With over 30 Years in Government Contracting.

As compared to many self-proclaimed SBA 8a certification services, we offer you concise guidance by attorneys that understand the problems and legal issues that may arise. Ensuring that you avoid the pitfalls of SBA 8a certification assistance for small businesses seeking helpmisrepresentation , affiliation and simply convincing the SBA to admit you into the program are all goals that we set going forward.

For example, you must avoid getting denied for a failure to show your ability to succeed in the 8a Program. Why? This decision is not subject to appeal. You are stuck with the SBA’s decision.

Watson & Associates, LLC is comprised of government contract lawyers and consultants that can provide you with sound guidance in the 8a certification process. Although this program can be extremely lucrative, the application process is extremely time-consuming and daunting.

After your free initial consultation, we will provide you with a checklist of documents and information that you must provide. This starts the path to your success. It is important to know that you can distinguish our 8a certification consultants from other companies simply because we bring in-depth legal expertise to your specific case.

As part of our SBA 8a certification services, our lawyers frequently litigate 8a terminations, 8a certification denials and other adverse actions.

Our comprehensive 8(a) application preparation package covers the following 8a certification services:

  • Interview(s) of all socially and economically disadvantaged owner(s)
  • Composition of socioeconomic narrative(s) for disadvantaged owner(s)
  • Personalized data and documentation checklist to help you locate the required personal and corporate documents in your files
  • Assistance with locating or creating any missing documentation
  • Length of time in business waiver request (if required)
  • Composition of all other written portions of the 8(a) application, including other narratives and explanations of unique circumstances
  • Organization, compilation, and labeling of all paper-based materials to be submitted to the SBA
  • Data entry for the electronic SBA 1010 form and all other associated application forms online
  • Assistance responding in writing to all SBA questions and inquiries following submission of your application
  • Initial assessment for basic qualifications includes net worth assessment, financials and consulting on matters that you can adjust to ensure proper net worth.

Social and economic narratives: as part of your 8a certification application, you must convince the SBA by a preponderance of the evidence that you are socially and economically disadvantaged. Our lawyers will review your specific situation, apply case law where the SBA has been reversed, and then provide a road map to write a compelling narrative.

Assess business ownership and control issues: One of the most looked at situations by the SBA is business owners, control matters -this includes the appearance of control.) The qualifying member must own and control all aspects of the business – no exceptions.

Ability to succeed in the 8a Program: Although 8a certification applicants must show that they have experienced a difficult time in the economic world, they must still show adequate resources or finances. This shows the SBA that you have the tools and means to succeed.

The 8a Certification Business Development Program is an important resource for small businesses seeking business-development assistance.

Named for Section 8(a) of the Small Business Act, this program was created to help small and disadvantaged businesses compete in the marketplace. It also helps these companies gain access to federal and private procurement markets.

Q. What Changes Were Made to the 8(a) BD Regulations?

Some of SBA’s changes are technical changes, such as replacing all the references to ‘SIC’ with ‘NAICS’. Others are more substantive and result from SBA’s experience in implementing the current regulations. Some changes were made to mirror existing or new legislation since the last time SBA revised the rules. Most importantly, many of the changes were made to ensure that program benefits flow to intended beneficiaries and help to reduce potential waste, fraud and abuse in small business government contracting.

Q. What Are the Some of the Technical Changes in the Revised 8a Certification Regulations?

The revised rule has technical changes where the SBA regulations had not yet “caught up” to other regulatory changes or processes already in place.

For instance, the revised rule states SBA’s preference that firms use the online 8a application to apply, even though over 95% of firms already apply this way.

The revised rule removes all references to “SIC code” and changed it to “NAICS code,” which is consistent with the government-wide change.

The revised rule clarifies that both prime contracts and subcontracts are “small,” when awarded to a mentor/protégé joint venture where the protégé qualifies as small.

SBA has always considered prime contracts small when a federal agency awards a prime contract to an SBA–approved mentor/protégé joint venture. Yet, the prior SBA 8a certification regulations did not expressly state the same for subcontracts – the changed rule does.

SBA expects these clarifications and other technical corrections to eliminate any confusion for businesses that are new to the government contracting arena and will assist business, contracting officers, and federal agencies in understanding the eligibility requirements.

Q. What Are the Some of the Changes to the 8a Certification Rules on Economic Disadvantage?

For the first time, this rule adds objective criteria to determine social and economic disadvantage based on personal income and total assets. With the rule change applicants to the program must demonstrate economic disadvantage based on the following criteria;

  • Adjusted Net Worth must not exceed $250,000 for initial eligibility or $750,000 for continuing eligibility.
  • Personal Income must not exceed $250,000 (averaged over three years) for initial eligibility or $350,000 for continuing eligibility.
  • Total Assets must not exceed $4 million for initial eligibility and $6 million for continued eligibility (allows for growth during the 9-year term).

Q. What Are the Some of the Changes to the Rules on Joint Ventures?

Specific to the 8a certification BD program the 8(a) partner to the JV must perform at least 40% of the work performed by the JV. This change replaces the “significant portion” language of the previous regulations. The rule differentiates between populated and unpopulated joint ventures and applies different requirements.

  •  Project Manager: For the unpopulated JV (or JV populated only with administrative personnel) an employee of 8(a) managing venturer must be project manager. For the JV Populated with individuals intended to perform contracts, the JV must demonstrate how performance of the contract is controlled by the 8(a) managing venture.
  • Performance of work: For the unpopulated Joint Venture (or JV populated only with administrative personnel) the amount of work done by all the partners will be aggregated and 8(a) partner must perform at least 40% of all work done by JV (includes all work done by non-8(a) partner and any of its affiliates at any subcontracting tier). For the JV Populated with individuals intended to perform contracts, the non-8(a) JV partner, or any of its affiliates, may not act subcontractor to JV or any subcontractor of the JV.

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FREE ConsultationWatson & Associates will pre-screen each company and its ownership to ensure the owners meet the government definitions of “socially disadvantaged” and “economically disadvantaged” before you spend your valuable time and money pursuing 8(a) certification.

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