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Getting into the Small Business Administration’s 8a Certification Program is time-consuming and requires a deep understanding of the regulations and the nuances commonly faced by applicants on the first try. Oftentimes, sba 8a certification consultants and lawyersafter companies receive their 8a status, they are faced with termination or size protest alleging violation of the SBA 8a certification laws. See some of our successful outcomes.

With law offices in Washington, DC and Colorado, Watson & Associates’ government small business practice group has successfully helped small businesses to apply for and receive approval in the SBA 8a certification Program. With over 30 years of federal procurement experience, we are geographically positioned to help disadvantaged businesses in virtually all states to develop proper applications and to handle problems after receiving their 8a status .

Summary of 8a Certification Services

Given our success in help clients, our SBA Program lawyers and consultants are fully equipped to help companies to navigate through the common issues that arise in the 8a Certification Program, from the initial application stage through litigation and appeals.

Our SBA 8a certification consultants help small businesses in the following areas:

  • Complete A-Z  8a certification application preparation
  • Reviewing and development of facts to support Social and economic narratives
  • Assessing Net worth requirements
  • Preparing requirements for Two-year waivers
  • Assessing applicants’ business relationships and internal partnering
  • Requests for Reconsideration
  • Preparing and litigating appeals when the SBA denies 8a certification status
  • Litigating affiliation and Size Protests
  • Responding to, and appealing, SBA 8a terminations

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Because we recognize the specific demands and 8a requirements from the SBA, we have consultants and lawyers dedicated to helping clients to understand all SBA 8a certification requirements before submission of their applications.

Watson & Associates’ SBA 8a certification lawyers are frequently retained to challenge adverse rulings on appeal to the SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals.  We simply help small disadvantaged businesses to get their fair share of opportunities in the federal small business programs.

Initial 8a Application Eligibility Requirements

At the initial stages of preparing their 8a applications, clients come to us to assess whether or not they meet the basic 8a certification requirements. Our lawyers help them to review areas where applicants make common mistakes including net worth requirements and possible adjustments; whether or not there are potential issues with meeting the social disadvantaged or economic disadvantaged requirements, or whether there are potential issues with business ownership or corporate issues that must be addressed.

Social and Economic Disadvantaged Eligibility: When submitting their SBA 8a applications, small businesses must show the SBA that they are socially and economically disadvantaged. Given our experience with litigating the tough issues in court, Watson’s lawyers and consultants understand the legal issues that can cause problems when trying to get 8a status.

We help clients to address their social narratives if they are not part of the statutorily protected classes.  In addition, clients retain us to develop the facts and important issues in their economic narratives. This is an area where most 8a applicants fail.

  • All SBA 8a certification applications must include an economic narrative.
  • Being a minority owned business does not by itself get you approval.
  • We help you to write about the topics that are critical to SBA approval decisions.

SBA 8a Certification Affiliation and Control Issues

From the initial application phase and all the way through completing the 8a Program, clients frequently comes to us for help with allegations of affiliation and control disputes. For example,

  • The SBA looks at revenues for your customers for potential control issues
  • Your application will be screened for relationships and ownership in other businesses that can generate affiliation and even the ability to control the applying business.

As compared to most 8a certification application preparation services, Watson’s consultants and lawyers have the broad legal experience to properly assess the facts and provide legal opinions to clients seeking to get their 8a status.

Appellate Assistance With 8a Terminations and Certification  Denials

The SBA denies a fair about of 8a certification applications for one reason or another.  When there is merit to warrant an appeal, our government small business lawyers frequently file 8a termination appeals to the SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals in Washington, DC.

In other circumstances, clients often face possible termination from the 8a Program. Our attorneys help to assess the cases for legal and factual errors by the SBA. We help by responding to the initial recommendation for 8a termination and file appeals where warranted.

Post SBA 8a Certification Consulting Services

After receiving their 8a status, small businesses often find a difficult time receiving government contracts. Although the program allows for sole sourcing or bidding on 8a set aside contracts, not all companies understanding the underlying SBA regulations for compliance and procurement bidding rules.

With our 30 plus years of experience working for federal contracting agencies, plus our litigation practice, Watson’s law firm also helps to clients with post 8a certification consulting in a variety of situations that include SBA joint venture agreements, mentor protégé program matters, how to write government proposals and more. We also help by:

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