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SBA Size Protest, Affiliation and Appeal Lawyers

Watson & Associates SBA Program and small business appellate practice group has successfully handled significant appeals at all the SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals. Because we understandSBA Size Protest, Affiliation and Appeal Lawyers the particular procedural demands of appellate courts and the importance of exceptional appellate advocacy, we have small business size protest lawyers dedicated to representing clients through the appeals process after the SBA has denied their 8a certification applications for has made an adverse size determination decision.

With over 30 years of government procurement experience, and with law offices in Washington, DC and Colorado, we are geographically positioned to represent clients in virtually all states.

Watson’s SBA size protest appellate practitioners are frequently retained to challenge an adverse ruling on appeal or to preserve a favorable ruling from the SBA Area Office when there is a size appeal. Clients work closely with our firm’s bid protest and trial lawyers to develop comprehensive strategies to position their case for successful outcomes during appellate litigation.

SBA Size Standards Protest and Affiliation Appeal Services

As an integral part of the trial team, our SBA Size Standards and Appeal  lawyers can handle time-sensitive responses to bid protests that avoid late filings and untimely dismissals. Examples of our legal services include:

  • Preparing responses to initial SBA size protest investigations
  • Preparing appellate pleadings with relevant case law and legal support
  • Addressing factual error and legal error committed by the SBA Area Office
  • Developing legal strategies and identifying strengths of weaknesses
  • Preparing or responding to dismissal and evidentiary motions
  • Preparing or responding to motions for summary judgment and other dispositive motions
  • Monitoring the initial SBA size standards investigation to assist in preserving appellate arguments, particularly when the case poses a high risk of an adverse OHA decision

To speak to an appellate attorney, call 1-866-601-5518 for a Free Initial Consultation.

SBA Size Protest Affiliation and Ostensible Subcontractor Appellate Advocacy

Our small business size standards appeal lawyers are highly experienced in providing concise and forceful appeal briefs in effort to get favorable results for our clients.

The law firm is able to identify and argue critical legal issues in light of the applicable OHA standard of review.

We handle common size issues that arise including Ostensible Subcontractor Rule violations, common ownership size protests, family owned businesses; cases where there are disputes about the ability to control, identity of interests and when the SBA has failed to review the evidence before it.

Note: Deadlines for filing a size protest are extremely short. Contact our attorneys to avoid untimeliness or your case being thrown out. Call 1-866-601-5518.

SBA Certification and Size Protest Appellate Assistance Before And During Litigation

There are significant benefits to having a Small Business Size appeal lawyer available early in the process, especially in situations when companies are initial bidding on government contracts. To preserve our client’s rights, our size protest lawyers provide legal advice about potential violations of the Ostensible Subcontractor Rule or other affiliation issues involved with joint venture agreements,  teaming agreements and  subcontractor arrangements.

Because our SBA Program and small business appellate attorneys know the substantive law and understand the applicable rules and procedures, they can quickly absorb any specialized aspects of complex cases. They can also ensure that issues are properly preserved and that the trial court record includes all evidence necessary to sustain such arguments.

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SBA Size Regulations

Small Business Size Regulations specifying size standards and governing their use are set forth in Title 13, Code of Federal Regulations, part 121 (13 CFR 121). SBA’s size regulations pertaining to Federal procurement are also found in the Federal Acquisition Regulation, 48 CFR part 19.

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